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We live in an age where we are consumed by being perfect, always on the go and being slaves to our phones. Now this is not everyone of course, but certainly it is most. All searching and looking for that simple joy, that feeling of pure bliss that we felt as children. A simple stillness that gets forgotten as we grow and start navigating through this life.

Now I ask you,

When last did you spend time in the Woods? Take a walk through a garden? Or even just sat and appreciated a beautiful houseplant? When last did you do any of these things, without taking a look at your newsfeed or checking up to see how many likes or comments your most recent post has received? How many photos did you take, and did you stop what you were doing to take a look at the time?

We are all familiar with the sayings “Go and Hug a Tree” and “Stop and Smell the Roses”, yes? I like to think that these little terms have been inserted into our conscious, into our minds by our natures Allies. They have done this to remind us that we need to stop….we need to breathe and we need to listen to what they have to say to us.

Nature is infinite in her wisdom and in her abundance of offerings, and they stem further and reach deeper than we can ever fully comprehend. For most of us, we have forgotten how to connect, or maybe it should be said that we have forgotten how to listen. We have traveled so far away from this simple yet profound joy and peace. And it is because of this, that so many of us are wandering around with a feeling of missing something, trying our best to connect in any way that we can. What we are looking for, does not cost anything, it is not asking us to look or dress a certain way. Not asking us to keep a schedule and turn up as a certain time.

It is Nature, our nature which is part of us, and it is our human nature to want to be part of it. A calling. A state of remaining feral, being wild and staying connected.

Nature is also there to help and remind us to go deeper within ourselves, to look at the parts that we normally want to turn away from. The parts of our being that is referred to as the Shadowself. Nature is balance, so therefore, she brings balance. There is no light without the dark and no dark without the light. I will go more into detail about this in another post at some other time, but touching on it now, is part of that balance.

Our nature Allies. All the plants and all the Trees, the Flowers, Herbs and the Weeds. They all have messages for us. Wisdom to bestow, roots of light and dark that help us grow.

Take the time to sit with them and to listen. Still your mind and allow them to teach you and heal you. Go outside, get into the Woods. Go visit a garden. And if all you can do is get a houseplant, that is just as beautiful and just as important. I guarantee you that one little houseplant will have so many messages for you. Walk barefoot in the grass, and yes, you know I am going to say this, go and hug a tree and stop and actually smell the roses. Maybe they are wildflowers? Maybe it is a potted plant or herb that you walk past next time you are in the grocery store, who cares if anyone is watching? Just stop and connect. I can promise you right now, you will be walking away from this Ally smiling from ear to ear. And in that moment, you will feel that joy that you seek, that beautiful simple peace.

Our roots grow deep and they take many turns to get us to who we are today, but isn’t that all part of this wonderful journey?

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